Monday, May 17, 2010

With A Whimper

Two days left, people. Two days with students. Then we all stuff a cassette tape of Alice Cooper's SCHOOL'S OUT into our jam boxes (because teachers are creatures of habit, and not exactly spring chickens) and rock on into the summer. Except for those who might prefer Brownsville Station's SMOKIN' IN THE BOYS' ROOM. You know who your are!

I have mixed feeling this year. The sooner school is out, the sooner I get my throat cut. It's kind of cramped my style all year, having my thyroid hanging over my head. But once it's over, I can look forward to the summer and #1's basketball camp, which we are planning to drive him to, and use as our vacation.

I'm not exactly crazy about going to Mississippi during the summer. Something tells me it's going to be hotter and more humid than Missouri. It's in mid-June, so maybe it won't be too bad yet. The camp is at Ole Miss this year. The innernets say the college has a museum with some dude's collection of Greek or Roman artifacts. I can't remember which. It could be Egyptian, for all I know, but I DO know that it's something that interests The Pony. I, myself, prefer a side trip to Tunica on the way home. We'll see what develops. I may not even feel like going with my slashed throat. However, the doctor said that I could be ready to return to work in two weeks, and camp will be about three weeks from my surgery.

Animal Husband H will have to arrange for a chicken/goat/rabbit/guinea/turkey feeder while we're gone.


Stewed Hamm said...

Be very careful while you're in Mississippi... you wouldn't want to accidentally give them any unearned points in the Great Redneck Contest. Keep a tight leash on HH, so that he saves all his insanity for when you get home, and all the points he earns go to Missouri where they belong.

Hillbilly Mom said...

At least Ugly American H can't start an international incident in Mississippi. The bad news is that he's going there himself to a work seminar a couple weeks before the camp. Hopefully it will be someone else's turn to watch him. Hopefully he won't make the national news.