Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If You Give A Mom A Pizza

Our local Subway serves mini pizzas. Did you know that? Because according to The Pony, Subways in Colorado and Kansas do not serve mini pizzas, forcing him to eat a cheese sandwich, toasted, which irritated the #1 son to no end, because according to him, "What kind of freak goes to Subway for a grilled cheese sandwich?" Which is different from his usual complaint when The Pony actually gets a mini pizza from Subway, which is, "What kind of freak goes to Subway for a pizza?"

The #1 son was off mowing yards today, so I picked up a Subway mini pizza for The Pony for lunch. I also got one for myself. But The Pony's pizza was long gone by the time I sat down to lunch. I thought it would just take a couple of minutes to get things ready, but you know how things go when you are on mom duty.

I set my mini pizza on the cutting block, and went to change from my town clothes into my mismatched, comfortable, Mansion clothes.

Then I saw that we needed another roll of toilet paper in that bathroom, so I went to the towel closet to get one.

Upon returning with the toilet paper, I remembered that I had put some clothes in the wash before leaving for town, so I had to go put them in the dryer.

Some of the clothes were nylon shorts, which I hang to dry, so I had to make room on some laundry room hangers by folding shorts already on the hangers, plus some Under Armor long boxers that can't be dried.

When I opened the dryer, I saw that a load of towels had not been folded, so I had to fold them to make room for the wet clothes.

That meant I had to put away the dry shorts, boxers, and towels.

Then I went back to the kitchen to put lime in my Sonic Diet Coke. I have been adding my own lime, because their lime takes up too much room, what with all the ice they add to my $2.05 beverage.

When I squeezed in the lime juice and pulp, I saw that they had not put in the excess ice today, and went to the freezer to get some cubes to keep my drink cold for the 7-8 hours I would be sipping it.

On my way from the counter to Frig, the phone rang. It was my mom saying that she had located the #1 son at his mowing yard and given him the $40 I had asked her to spot him until I see her tomorrow. He had been sent to pick up pool supplies that Miscalculator H led me to believe cost $48. I had given him $100 with permission to get lunch and breakfast on my dime, but he had to spend $30 of his own money for the $130 pool tab. Sooo...I didn't want him without money, and I didn't want to drive all the way to that town to find him.

The ice maker made that growling sound that means, "Hit me really hard on the bottom." So I complied. Then I took 7 crescent-shaped ice cubes and added them to my soda, since I had room now that I had sipped a bit during the lime addition.

And then it was time to eat a Subway mini pizza.


knancy said...

I kept waiting for you to say that your pizza was gone by the time you got back to it! I was wondering who the culprit could be as Genus was in town, HH was mowing and Pony just wouldn't do that - would he?
Typical mom maze to lunch though (or anything for ourselves).

Hillbilly Mom said...

You are SO right! The Pony would never do that. But the other two would. One would apologetically say that he didn't know it BELONGED to anybody, and the other would deny it until forensic evidence proved his guilt. Then he would say, "Well, IF I took it, and IF it upset you, then I GUESS I'm sorry."