Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Scooter Blocker

Today The Pony and I dropped in to visit my aunt. The good aunt, the gambling aunt. The #1 son mowed her yard yesterday, and I wanted to let her know that he's got that nerd camp coming up and won't be on his regular mowing schedule.

We chatted for quite a while. Then #1 showed up from his mowing job down the road. We left the aunt's house at the same time, both en route the mile or so to my mom's house, where #1 was going to mow. I had parked on the wrong side of the road, because you can do that here in Hillmomba. #1 backed out of the driveway and headed the opposite direction. I took my time on my detour, to allow him to get parked ahead of me in my mom's driveway.

As we rolled down the residential street, I saw #1 bisect our path and make his turn onto the same street. Right behind him was a white moped driven by a little brunette, with an even smaller blond on the back. They turned to follow #1. "That's funny," I told The Pony. "I didn't see a moped when we left. They must be following your brother."

I stayed back about a hundred yards, because two-wheelers on the road make me nervous. The girls left about the same distance between their scooter and #1's little red truck. #1 pulled down into my mom's driveway. The moped girls veered to the left, like they were going to follow him in. The blond one turned around and saw me. They darted back onto the right side of the road and kept going.

There are only eight houses on that road. And at the most, two of them have kids. Not the age of these girls, but younger. I drove down the driveway. #1 came over to my passenger window and leaned on it.

"Did you know those girls?"


"I think they were following you."

"Yeah. Thanks a lot."

"It looked like they were going to turn in here."

"I know! You scared them."

Just then, the girls came back. They gave #1 a long look, but kept going. He'll get over it. There's plenty more moped girls in Hillmomba.

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