Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's All About The Image

Tech Savvy H had a minor meltdown this morning. It all started because I asked him if he was wearing his special white straw hat to the family reunion. The #1 son used to have that picture of Tech Savvy H on his phone for all to see when Tech Savvy H rang his number. Sadly, the photo, originally taken at the Hillbilly family reunion a few years ago, has been lost.

Tech Savvy H's prime complaint was the Christmas photo that #1 put on Tech Savvy H's Facebook page. The problem, according to Tech Savvy H, "It looks just like me." I see. He was wanting a photo that did not look like himself.

Events took a more disturbing tone when Tech Savvy H volunteered that he had been trying to look up his office manager on Facebook, and had instead found someone with her name and an added initial in Illinois. Nude. In the shower. AND, according to Tech Savvy H, Facebook does not allow nude photos, but this one had remained on there for over a week! Which is something he really should not have brought up, since it pointed to the obvious fact that Tech Savvy H had been looking at Facebook pr0n for over a week.

Tech Savvy H would not make a good criminal.

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